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Big Toe Massages to Start at Toe Jam

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Rebecca Talus, Chief Experience Officer at The Toe Jam Institute in Phoenix, AZ, realizes that their nurses are on their feet all day. And she wants to make a difference. "Our nurses actually use their feet more than their hands. Whether they are jumping over the potholes in the parking lot, negotiating the maze of obstacles in the crowded hallways or running to clock in for their shifts, their feet go through the paces.” The feet are often neglected, infected, and dejected.

“Toe Jam is starting with big toe massages,” Talus notes.

Someone receiving a toe massage.

"The big toe a.k.a. the great toe, is the hero of the foot. It would be difficult to walk without our big toes. We want to treat all our nurses with the honor they deserve. That's 700 big toes!" Anisa Callus, RN, post anesthesia care unit nurse at Toe Jam, looks forward to her first big toe massage. Nurse Callus acknowledges, "Girl, this big toe massage initiative is a GREAT idea !!" Callus continues, "I have had so many issues with my feet. In alphabetical order, I got blisters, bunions, corns, hammer toe, heel spurs and ingrown toenails. Did I mention the foot fungus? And I keep bumping my corns in the med room. We are going to have big toe massages on Mondays, and I heard rumors about Pinky-Toe Fridays." Talus confirms, "The rumors are true. Yes. Pinky-Toe Fridays are on the books. It's supposed to be a secret. I guess it's hard to keep a toe-pleasing secret.

It looks like Toe Jam is going to get their nurses’ feet out of a jam.




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