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Gifted Infant Won’t Stop Saying, “Hun Yo’ Mouf!”

A baby pointing with a speech bubble that says "Hun yo' mouf!"

Little Brainey Bielderbach, 2.5 years old, can’t stop saying,“Hun Yo’ Mouf!” to everyone he sees. Brainey was tested and found to be a genius. At the age of 12 months, he had a vocabulary of 5,000 words which is 400 times the number of words spoken by the average 12-month-old.

Classy, Brainey’s mother is dumbfounded. She reports, “We hardly ever use monosyllabic words in our household. He says, ‘Hun Yo’ Mouf’ all the time now. The only time he doesn’t say it is when he is eating. At church when the pastor calls for an Amen, Brainey says, ‘Hun Yo’ Mouf!’ When I am at the mall and someone asks if I need any help, Brainey says, ‘Hun Yo’ Mouf!’ This behavior is embarrassing.”

Jefferson, Brainey’s father has insights of his own, “We call him Brainey because he is so advanced. He was dressing himself at 18 months. I think it started when my Aunt Sheila visited us a month ago. She kept telling her husband, Bill, to be quiet. I heard her say to Bill, ‘Hush Your Mouth!’ But of all the words Brainey knows, what really made him focus on those three words?”

According to Dr. Devin Steeds, child psychologist, “Young children tend to imitate and mimic people. It's likely that Brainey heard someone saying, “Hun Yo’ Mouf,” and his vocabulary locked into a monosyllabic thought loop. It's likely that hearing words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – repeatedly -- would be enough to bring Brainey out of his vocabulary slump.”

The entire world is rooting for Brainey to break out of his slump. But we all know someone who needs to hear these simple words, “Hun Yo’ Mouf!”




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