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Hospital Announces Dripping with Facts Award

Doctor with award gives thumbs up.

Harold Mucothickiti, M.D., otolaryngologist at Septate Medical Center in Oconomowoc, WI, knows a good drip when he sees one. "I know mucus and dripping things. I wouldn't call myself a mucus whisper, but I got skills."

According to Dr. Mucothickiti, "It's important to know what type of thing is dripping. Is it a nasal drip? Is your ear dripping wax? Does another bodily area have a drip?" With his knowledge of drips, Dr. Mucothickiti is excited to also think of drips as a personal style.

Septate’s medical executive committee is happy to introduce the Dripping with Facts Award. Micheal Tissou, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at Septate, helped spearhead the award.

“The Dripping with Facts Award lets doctors know that we care. To achieve the award, a physician should know their colleagues. They should know what time their colleagues round in the hospital. This helps reduce rounding traffic jams when more than one doctor sees a patient. Physicians should also know what their colleagues like to eat for lunch; this shows a genuine interest in other physicians. Finally, physicians who win the Dripping with Facts Award should know facts about the hospital. These facts include knowing what year the hospital was founded, knowing what the soup of the day is on Wednesdays and what the mystery ingredient is in the house salad,” says Dr. Tissou.

According to Dr. Tissou, the essence of the Dripping with Facts Award is reflected in the physician’s personal style. Criteria for the award will be distributed to the medical staff prior to an upcoming vote in the next three weeks. The two physicians with the top votes will be awarded.




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