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Doctor's Orders: Word Search Revolutionizes Healthcare

medical word search with the word bandage circled in red

The Mirth Manual appreciates puzzle enthusiasts and seekers of efficiency alike! At Wordcare Medical Center in Seattle, WA, we embarked on a journey that merged the complexity of medical diagnostics with the joy of a word search. Welcome to the Word Search Revolution in healthcare, where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and waiting feels more like a game-day extravaganza!

Consider a physician faced with the daunting task of ordering a plethora of tests for a patient. MRI? Check. CBC? Check. CMP? Check. Yet, amidst the flurry of medical terminology lies elusive test names -- like calprotectin -- that evade memory like wisps of smoke. Yet fear not, for the solution lies within the humble word search!

With word search the chore of test ordering turns into a delightful pursuit akin to solving a cryptic puzzle. Physicians can simply reach for a meticulously crafted word search puzzle, adorned with medical test names ingeniously concealed amidst the letters. Tests are ordered with newfound efficiency, transforming the physician's desk into a playground of scientific discovery.

The adventure doesn't stop there. In the typical waiting room, patients often pass the time in idle anticipation. Yet, with the introduction of Word Search, their experience is transformed. Patients are greeted with customized puzzles upon arrival, tailored to their medical history and symptoms. As they search for terms like "abdominal pain," "fatigue," "nausea," and "fever," the wait becomes an engaging mental exercise. Who would have thought that completing a medical history could double as a brain-teasing challenge?

Envision patients enraptured by their puzzles, physicians chuckling as they order tests with newfound ease, and nurses discreetly vying to unearth the most words in record time. It's a triumph for all parties involved! 

The ultimate advantage is efficiency. With tests expeditiously ordered and patients blissfully engrossed, Wordcare Medical Center operates akin to a well-oiled machine. Waiting times dwindle, smiles proliferate, and visiting the doctor feels less like a chore and more akin to participating in a grand intellectual symphony.

Dr. Cassandra Puzzlestein, family medicine physician, loves the Word Search. “It’s transformed how I order tests. I'm able to order tests with newfound efficiency and a dash of playful spirit.  I've encouraged my colleagues to embrace this revolution,” says Puzzlestein.

The next time you need a medical test, remember the Word Search. Embrace the thrill of the hunt, relish the simplicity of ordering, and above all, recognize the potency of transforming the mundane into the exceptional.





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