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Letter to the Editor: Discretion Advised

Dear Editor,

I recently came across your post about Dr. Cuchara's Poop Patch, and I have to say, it made me smile! As medical professionals at the Giggles & Guts Clinic, we're always on the lookout for novel methods of patient care, and Dr. Cuchara's idea had us at "Poop."

However, I couldn't help but laugh at the prospect of incorporating the Poop Patch into our practice. We appreciate the innovative aspect of this concept, but we can't help but worry how our patients will respond to wearing a "Poop Patch." After all, keeping a respectful environment is critical in our line of business - though we don't mind the occasional laugh or two!

Perhaps we could collaborate with Dr. Cuchara to come up with a more . . . discreet name for his invention? Something that conveys the essence of the product while not making our more reticent patients laugh. After all, laughing may be the best medicine, but we like to give it in modest, controlled quantities.

Best of luck with the Poop Patch!

Perhaps we could explore.

Warm regards,

Dr. Smiles Laughterstein, MD

Giggles & Guts Clinic

Chicken, AK




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