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Operation Vegas: Cutting Loose with Surgeons on the Strip

Two surgeons on the Las Vegas strip

The Mirth Manual joined esteemed members of the Society of Serious Surgeons on a trip to Vegas! Ever wondered what happens when surgeons trade in their scrubs for sequins and scalpels for slot machines?


Day 1: Arriving in Style


As our plane touches down in the land of neon lights and never-ending buffets, the excitement among our surgical squad is palpable. We check into our hotel, the "Caduceus Casino & Resort," where the concierge greets us with a stethoscope instead of a smile. After settling into our rooms (complete with complimentary bedazzled surgical masks), we hit the casino floor, ready to roll the dice and maybe perform a few impromptu appendectomies on the side.


Day 2: Seminars and Shows


Bright and early, we drag ourselves out of bed for a day of educational seminars – because even in Vegas, a surgeon's work is never done. From lectures on "The Art of Sutures" to hands-on workshops like "Surgical Strategies: Vegas Edition (How to Remove a Poker Chip from a Patient's Nose)," we soak up knowledge like a sponge – albeit a sponge that's been sterilized with tequila.


But let's be real, the real highlight of the day is the evening entertainment. Surgeons slipped into their finest sequined scrubs heading to the "Femur Follies" dance club, where they strutted their stuff in stilettos and surgical masks.


Day 3: The Strip and Surgical Simulations


After a hearty breakfast of bacon-wrapped bandages (yes, it's a delicacy), we hit the Strip for some sightseeing. From the towering heights of the Eiffel Tower to towering water fountains, it's a feast for the eyes – and a welcome break from the fluorescent lights of the OR.


But fear not, there's still plenty of surgical shenanigans to be had. We stumble upon a booth offering "Surgical Simulations: Win Big or Stitch Up!" Naturally, we can't resist the chance to test our skills on virtual patients.


Day 4: High Stakes and High Jinks


As our time in Vegas draws to a close, we decide to go out with a bang. We pool our winnings (and maybe a few borrowed scalpels) for one last hurrah at the blackjack tables. With adrenaline pumping and laughter ringing out, we gamble into the wee hours, swapping stories of surgical triumphs and mishaps alike. And as the sun rises over the desert horizon, we realize that sometimes, the best medicine is a healthy dose of laughter – preferably accompanied by a side of slot machines.





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