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Oral Surgeon Reassures Patients, "U Straight."

A smiling dentist gives a thumbs up.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Roger Denteen, D.D.S., is excited to improve his patients’ smiles. Dr. Denteen specializes in teeth straightening procedures at Good Grin Clinic in Sante Fe, New Mexico. As a surgeon at the top of this field, Dr. Denteen relies on positive reinforcement with his patients, celebrating their progress.

Dr. Denteen explains, “My patients go through complex procedures. Sometimes, we can have an anatomically perfect result, but patients may not feel as confident with their smile. As a part of a well-detailed plan for care and healing, I also let my patients know, “You straight!” But I coin it as, “U-Straight!” if patients question how straight their teeth are, and their dental procedure has gone well, I'll let them know, ‘U Straight!’”

Dr. Denteen’s approach is to the point, and one must admit it is straight-forward. Commenting, “U-Straight” is not a smoke screen. However, it is a way to acknowledge a patient’s concern and respond in a positive manner.

Dr. Denteen further explains, “I review the patient’s labs, postsurgical results and discuss the findings with my patients. If a patient is not sure about the postsurgical results, I see it as my responsibility to tell them, “U-Straight!”




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