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Physician Nap Time to Start at Florida Hospital

A napping doctor in a nursery.

Some hospitals have quiet time for patients to improve patient sleep; it’s thought to be conducive to healing.

Sleepy Lane Medical Center in Key West, Florida wants to give their physicians an edge on sleep by rolling out toddler naptime. According to Sleepy Lane’s Chief Clinical Officer, Bobbi Rem, M.D., “We have the evidence. Daycare centers have naptime for toddlers, and toddlers wake up with a lot more energy. Why not do the same for our physicians and give them an opportunity to have nap time? That would create more efficient, effective, and compassionate physicians. Who doesn't feel better after some sleep? Toddler nap time will be a good thing for our physicians.”

Sleepy Lane plans to expand the nap program to include after nap snacks. Toddlers like yogurt, and doctors like yogurt. Toddlers like fruit cups. And guess what, so do physicians. Dr. Rem comments, “We will make sure doctors have yogurt and fresh fruit available after nap time.”

Since most doctors are adults, would they really benefit from toddler nap time? Robert Edge, Chief Financial Officer weighs in, “It’s more economical for adult physicians to take advantage of toddler nap time. You get the benefit of an adult napping at a toddler-sized cost. Besides, just like toddlers, adult physicians can have temper tantrums, too. I appreciate the similarities.”

Sleepy Lane will focus on naptime before 3 p.m. so the naps don’t interfere with nighttime sleep. Doctors will have a choice of wearing scrubs or onesies for naps.




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