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Rhyme and Remedy: A Surgical-Medical Showdown Part 1

You may have read the letter to the editor with comments from Dr. Anthony Clifford Stone from the Journal of Medical Rap. Although a rare occurrence, the hip hop influence has spilled over into healthcare. It’s known that at times there is an undertone of tension between surgical and medicine services at hospitals. Do you treat a condition with medical therapy or with a surgical approach?  But to our knowledge no one has over garnered a diss track recounting one of these disputes.

In an unexpected twist at Nebula Grove Hospital in Asheville, NC, the timeless debate between surgical and medical services took a rhythmically charged turn. The catalyst? A parking mishap during construction of the medical office building, Dr. Hathaway, a formidable general surgeon, inadvertently – or perhaps intentionally – claimed Dr. Madison's prized parking spot. The stage was set for a lyrical showdown.

According to Dr. Smoots, Nebula Grove's chief medical officer, the seven-year feud between Dr. Hathaway and the venerable internist Dr. Madison had reached a tipping point. In a peculiar discovery, the physician's lounge housed a torn piece of paper brimming with the raw energy of a diss track. Indeed, a testament to the creative clash between medicine and surgery.

The torn paper was unraveled, and the diss track's verses spoke volumes. Dr. Madison, fed up with the rivalry, had channeled his frustrations into rap lines. “Dr. Hathaway, the self-proclaimed doctor of the year, Eyed my prize parking spot, the beef's crystal clear, Leading hospitals in my case, it's true, And after these bars will drop, your backstabbing’s through” were just a taste of the poetic jabs discovered.

This situation has left hospital leaders on the edge of their seats.

Dr. Smoots comments, “There were just a few verses that we saw; there was no chorus or bridge. These are the lyrics found on a torn piece of paper:

Rap lyrics on crumpled piece of paper




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