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Doc Diss: Unveiling Nebula Grove’s Epic Rap Beef

The Mirth Manual investigation team was determined to understand the entire lyrics of Dr. Madison's rap, as Nebula Grove's administration struggles with the most recent blow in the Madison vs. Hathaway kerfuffle. We have worked hard to find the absent verses and add more context to this developing drama.

We retraced the steps that led to the torn piece of paper discovered in the physicians’ lounge. Hospital gossip became our best friend, and we went all out, from checking medical records to trading candy with the environmental services team. We pieced together the lyrics, after days of covert operations and interviews. We now have the missing verses in our hot little hands!

As we present the lyrics, readers will gain insight into the raw intensity and wordplay that defined the Madison-Hathaway dispute.


Breaking News: Lyric Video Premiere! 🎤🎬

To add a layer of authenticity, our team has procured a recorded rap performance of the lyrics, allowing readers to experience the full force of the lyrical exchange.

But the question remains: Will Dr. Hathaway retaliate with his own lyrical masterpiece, or will he choose a more traditional approach to settle the score? The hospital grapevine is buzzing with speculation, and the medical staff cannot help but choose sides.




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