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Doctor Can't Take Board Exam, Got Wrong Coffee.

A young female doctor holds a cup of coffee and wears a sour expression

When getting the wrong coffee order affected a doctor’s board exam experience, the situation was brought to the Mirth Manual investigative team. And we felt compelled to tell the story.

Sharon Caffey, M.D, a well-respected internal medicine hospitalist at Roaster Bean Medical Center in Frankfort, KY, missed her board exam. She studied six months for her recertification with the American Board of Medical Accuracy.

Our investigative team found Dr. Caffey’s situation a bit puzzling. How do you miss a board exam by getting the wrong coffee?

Dr. Caffey unfortunately couldn’t take her board exam, as she was 60 minutes late. She explains her plight. “I like ice in my coffee. It’s simple. Most mornings I make my own coffee. But on the day of the board exam, I wanted to save time. I went to my go-to coffee shop. The ice needs to go on the bottom, then hot coffee is added. That morning the shop added the ice last. And that threw off my whole morning!”

Dr. Caffey appreciates a good cup of coffee. She recalls that during her residency, the coffee wasn’t up to par. There was always sour, watered-down coffee at morning report.

“I know the caffeine levels didn’t change when the ice was added last. But I’m used to my routine. The coffee temperature wasn’t right. I had to drive back to the coffee shop. With all that went into going back for the right cup of coffee, the board exam was toast!” says Dr. Caffey.

Dr. Caffey will be eligible to take the board exam in seven months. When the time comes, the coffee is on us.



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