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Dr. Node Knows Why Hearts Run Fast

Dr. Maximilian Node, electrophysiologist at Axial National Hospital has a new concept on the idea of fast heart rates also known as tachycardia.

“Electrophysiology is very conceptual. When I think about the heart and the cells' ability to communicate with each other, I think about the childhood game of kids talking to each other with tin cans on the end of a string. I think that some heart issues are caused by the heart cells being out of communication with each other. I believe that during fast rates, the heart is running to catch up with itself. In some situations, cells are running from each other. In other cases, the cells are running to each other. Thus, shortening or lengthening the space between the strings. That’s why we have tachycardia.”

When asked if he thinks this is another version of string theory, Dr. Node responded, “No. String theory is purely physics. What I’m speaking about is an excellent model that I think captures reality.”

Dr. Node’s concepts are a lot more complicated as the heart is more complex than just two cells communicating on the end of strings. But simplicity is the real key to this concept.

A cartoon heart jogging.

“When we realize that the heart is trying to run from itself, we can find out what is motivating this anxiety or fear or this aversion of itself to itself. Sometimes the heart needs to look at itself in the mirror. Obviously, there’s no space for a mirror inside the heart, so my job as an electrophysiologist is to help the heart talk to itself and come to grips with its own anxiety,” says Dr. Node.

This type of talk almost sounds like a psychiatric evaluation, but Dr. Node assures us that he is a board-certified electrophysiologist — not a psychiatrist.

“We have to review problems in a practical manner. We must be more creative, more open and share ideas with each other. By sharing these ideas, other scientists and physicians will have the ability to reproduce the data. We can make fundamental changes in medical care,” says Dr. Node.

Alicia Chalmers, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at Axial National, first doubted Dr. Node's concept of the heart running away from itself.

“There are many concepts that sound weird and frightening. Dr. Node’s concept is one of those ideas. I thought, okay, I should probably call security, but I took a step back and realized that Dr. Node has a fantastic record, and his patients love him. I was just in the middle of dialing Jeffrey “Jeff” Jail, head of security, to escort Dr. Node out of the hospital. Then I thought no, we don’t need security. We need surety in Dr. Node’s continued success, so I hung up the phone.”

Axial National Hospital is certainly in great hands with innovative physicians like Dr. Node and visionary leaders like Dr. Alicia Chalmers.




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