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Leisure Droids Make Stock Values, Arteries Healthier

Tiny robots in bloodstream.

Dr. Roger Moses, MD, board certified interventional radiologist and cardiologist says his Leisure Droid technology might make your stock values rise.

Dr. Moses wants patients to get healthier with Leisure Droid technology. “My team created Leisure Droids to clean the arteries in the heart and brain. The droids are microscopic. They take their time and gently remove fatty deposits, calcium deposits, and plaque. The droids are designed to disengage when they have completed their cleaning, usually 7 days. We are tracking the droids in 10 test patients. But these Leisure Droids don’t want to leave the patients. The droids have been in for 4 weeks now. They don’t do any harm. They seem to enjoy the cleaning, and they have great attention to detail. But they have been tracked cleaning other areas like the liver and the kidneys on our last check. I’m baffled,” says Dr. Moses.

Leisure Droids are industrious, but they can have their share of side effects. Dr. Moses elaborates, “The number one side effect is uncontrollable laughter. It’s like they tickle you from the inside. Most, 90% of test subjects, report a tickling sensation, 50% report sneezing and 10% report that their stock values increased by 20%. Sneezing happens when the droids migrate around the olfactory nerve. But I can’t explain the stock increases. Let’s just say it’s an added benefit.”

Test patient 1-A thinks the Leisure Droids are having a party cleaning up disease. “You have to sync the droids to your cell phone. One day I heard dance music in my earbuds. But I wasn’t playing music. My earbuds were connected to the Leisure Droids. Apparently, the droids accessed my music library,” says patient 1-A.

Upon hearing about patient 1-A’s experience, Dr. Moses commented, “I’m not surprised. Leisure Droids use an adaptive technology. They learn as they clean. It’s logical that they would check out the music library on your phone. I wonder what’s the best music to play use when cleaning arteries. I’ll have to gather more data.”

Dr. Moses isn’t sure when the Leisure Droids will stop doing their job on the current test patients. But these patients might be giggling their way to higher stock values.




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