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Hospital Uses Cold Shoulder to Increase Physician Efficiency

A doctor with long dark hair shivering and looking cold.

As hospitals face challenges to make ends meet, Max Maximilian Maximus, MD, MBA, MPH, Chief Operations Officer at Micromanaged Hospital in Portland, OR thinks giving doctors the cold shoulder can have an educational and economic benefit.

Dr. Maximus wants to hold morning report, tumor board and medical staff meetings outdoors when it’s cold.

“Winter is a time when we use extra energy to provide heat, and it’s a great expense for the medical system. We’re trialing a new process for holding medical meetings outdoors. it’s a known fact that when it’s too warm in a room, people get sleepy. Cool air can actually help the audience stay alert,” interjects Dr. Maximus.

The hospital hired Ace Tundra, M.D., wilderness medicine specialist, to conduct its first medical staff educational session which was held two weeks ago on the topic of hypothermia protocols.

Dr. Tundra states, “Only three doctors showed up that day, and it wasn’t that cold -- 35°F outside.”

Dr. Maximus explains, “I mean who would be better at speaking about hypothermia protocols than someone who has actually aced the tundra? Safety is our priority. We’re holding the lectures by the emergency room just in case EMS is needed.”

Chief Innovative Officer, Sandra Frost says, “First let me say I’m not a doctor. But I have a lot of ideas for doctors. We want to see if there are other ways of making physicians more efficient. One of those ways is by freezing doctors. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, I know that most people wouldn’t be this straightforward. But yes, we’re going to put doctors in environments that are a little bit cooler, so they can be more efficient.”

The medical staff at Micromanaged Hospital has a different view. According to no nonsense medical staff president, Phillip Pragmatic, D.O., MBA,” I – AM – NOT – ATTENDING – LECTURES – IN – THE – COLD.”

Dr. Tundra acknowledges that this is the first time he has participated in cold shoulder implementation. But he is encouraged. For more cutting-edge hospital HR innovations, read about how a Hospital Encourages Frivolous Chit Chat.



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