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Hospital Wants Doctors, Nurses with Happy Stomachs

Person in white coat holding hands over stomach.

When a radiologist at Antrum Medical Center exclaimed, “How would you react if this was your stomach?!” The hospital president replied, “Then the stomach should get fed!"

It was a sad-looking, post-call stomach that had only gotten coffee and popcorn at midnight. Such is the plight of the stomach of a healthcare professional working long hours.

Cartoon image of stomach looking unhappy.

Antrum Medical Center in Montgomery, AL wants gastric compliance to make a difference in their hospital. Hospital President, Jeff, G. Junction, M.B.A., elaborates, “Many of our physicians and nurses don’t go to meetings because they’re tired and hungry. And when they go to a meeting that has food, it’s usually the same dried up, unappetizing fare. However, we plan to make an upgrade! We’re going to put better food in place, so they’ll have to show up. A satisfied stomach is a happy stomach. This means better attendance at meetings. That’s gastric compliance.”

Nik Jasper, M.D., gastroenterologist at Antrum has a different take on gastric compliance. “Jeff means well, but that is a totally inaccurate definition of gastric compliance! Gastric compliance has to do with changing stomach volumes and the associated intragastric pressures.” After Dr. Jasper saw the new food menu that includes fresh ingredients, he had a change of heart. “I am willing to explore other concepts of gastric compliance. I will need to complete my research with several taste tests to compile accurate data. I let Jeff know that, yes, my stomach is fully on board!”

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