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New NET-EGD Procedure Should Get Doctors Talking

One doctor hands colleague a scope, saying "your turn." She says "Umm, thanks?"

Most hospital leaders say, “We want doctors to communicate with each other!”

Hershel T. Drum, M.D., chief executive officer at Western Boise Hospital in Boise, ID thinks doctors communicate better when they stand next to each other. To achieve this, Dr. Drum and the hospital board approved the use of a new procedure called NET-EGD, Naso-Eustatio-Tonsillo-Esophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy.

Dr. Drum comments, “I’m a gastroenterologist. The NET-EGD combines ear, nose, and throat evaluations with gastrointestinal procedures. This allows doctors to stand next to each other and work through the same scope. You pass the nose, check out the eustachian tubes and tonsils before evaluating the esophagus. Doctors must communicate with each other, so they can get to the next portion of the procedure!”

Two doctors talking in exam room with patient.

The NET-EGD may help Western Boise achieve its communication goals. Dr. Drum continues, “When doctors are waiting for their turn in the procedure, they can clarify other concerns about the patient. We discovered that when doctors stand next to one another, they tend to share more information.”




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