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Oregon Hospital Launches New Role, Chief Weeds Officer

A hospital administrator examines a stack of papers with a magnifying glass

The Loyal Regional Hospital in Cannon Beach, Oregon will get into the weeds to help solve quality and efficiency issues. Marian Maize Masterson, M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer at Loyal Regional, looks forward to hiring their new Chief Weeds Officer, CWO.

According to Masterson, “Most times we look at the big picture when we’re trying to tackle our problems. But some issues demand that we get into the weeds – dig down to the pebbles and dirt to find the true source of the problem.”

Loyal Regional was going to call the position the Chief In-the Weeds Officer, but that would be a CITWO. Masterson clarifies the missing “I” and “T.”

“We have our Chief Financial Officer CFO, our Chief Nursing Officer CNO, Chief Medical Officer, CMO and I am the Chief Executive Officer, CEO. To be consistent we must use three letters for the initials, thus CWO. We all need to get into the weeds to address problems. Our CWO will collaborate with each executive in the C-suite,” says Masterson.

Some cities have a Chief Weed(s) Officer who is over weed control. Masterson clarifies that any city weed issues will be handled by the city government. “Our focus will solely be that of hospital process improvement, quality, and safety. But we may take a few pointers from the city on how to reduce the weeds,” reports Masterson.

Another clarification from Masterson is that the CWO will not handle any issues related to cannabis. According to Masterson, “We are going to stay in our lane when it comes to handling weeds.”




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