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Scientist Discovers New Hormone: Say-What-Tatonin

A confused looking man holds his index finger behind his ear.

Dr. Mark Stokes, MD, neuropsychologist at The Dendrite Clinic in New Orleans, LA has discovered a new hormone called: Say-What-Tatonin. According to Dr. Stokes, Say-What-Tatonin is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone.

Say-What-Tatonin is found in 15% of people. It is responsible for the gut check. It is also referred to as the gut check neurotransmitter. Adrenaline is for fight or flight. But Say-What-Tatonin helps one with common sensibilities. For instance, if you are faced with a difficult situation, Say-What-Tatonin prepares you to quickly contemplate.

Dr. Stokes elaborates, “So, like if you try to jump out of a plane without a parachute, your normal reaction might be Ahhhhhh! And you suddenly can’t think. However, when Say-What-Tatonin is released, subjects find themselves thinking, ‘Say What? I ain’t got no parachute!’ This hormone really likes straightforward slang. What better way to get a message across?” says Dr. Stokes.

Say-What-Tatonin is produced in a delicate layer of the gut called the lamina propria. The lamina propria contains glands that secrete Say-What-Tatonin. Say-What-Tatonin easily migrates to every organ in the body and crosses the blood brain barrier. Say-What-Tatonin is also beneficial in good, shocking situations.

According to Dr. Stokes, “Suppose you were called to your boss’s office, and you got offered a $20 an hour raise -- just saying. When the adrenaline kicks in, you might think, ‘Should I run outta here? The boss is trippin.’ But when Say-What-Tatonin is released, you think, ‘Hey, I better say, yes!’”

Apparently, Say-What-Tatonin is only present in only 15% of people because it is so unstable. People who produce sustaining levels of the hormone have a stabilizing protein --Say-What-Tatonin-Ase-- that breaks down any destabilizing molecules.

“The great thing about Say-What-Tatonin is that it adapts to your personality and language centers, so it knows how to connect with you and message the right gut check,” Dr. Stokes comments.

Say-What-Tatonin is a crucial discovery. Finally, a neurotransmitter that makes you want to Say What?




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