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Part 3: Doctor Beats Nebula Grove's Musical Prescription

Get ready to witness a historic moment in healthcare. Nebula Grove Hospital in Asheville, NC has just dropped the sickest beats in the form of a rap battle! And who would've guessed? It's not your typical medical drama, but a full-fledged lyrical showdown between two doctors who just couldn't agree on where to park.


In the left corner, we have Dr. Madison, the virtuoso internist with a stethoscope and a lyrical punch that could knock out any ailment. In the right corner, the self-proclaimed "Doctor of the Year," Dr. Hathaway, a general surgeon with a scalpel in one hand and, apparently, a microphone in the other. The battleground? Nebula Grove Hospital's parking lot, of course!


Now, we all know hospitals can be tense places—surgical vs. medical, ER vs. ward, coffee vs. decaf. But who could have predicted that a simple parking spot would escalate into a full-blown rap feud?


The saga began when Dr. Hathaway, in a questionable maneuver during the construction of the medical office building, claimed Dr. Madison's cherished parking spot. That's when things took a turn for the lyrical. Forget surgical precision; we're talking about the precision of rhymes and rhythm!


In an unexpected twist, our investigative team at Mirth Manual uncovered a torn piece of paper in the physicians' lounge—a diss track, no less! Dr. Madison, fed up with the ongoing rivalry, had channeled his frustrations into rap.


And here's the kicker: Dr. Madison didn't stop at penning verses. He decided to take it up a notch by creating a full-fledged rap video.


Stay tuned as we take you on a wild ride behind the scenes of this unexpected musical masterpiece, analyze the diss track's lyrical brilliance, and brace ourselves for the potential response from Dr. Hathaway. Nebula Grove’s got rhythm. Get ready to witness the phenomenon!




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