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Nephrologist Creates Water Hydration Patch

Woman puts a patch on her arm with water symbols.

The Mirth Manual investigative team has discovered quite a lead. Dr. Melvin Hydromente, nephrologist at Homeostasis Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, developed a water patch to hydrate patients. Dr. Hydromente comments, "At Homeostasis Hospital, we look for innovative ways to make a positive impact on patient care. For patients who are dehydrated due to poor fluid intake or who are a difficult IV stick, a water hydration patch can be a great therapeutic option." The water patch is more complicated than it sounds. Apparently, there are water transport proteins built into a multilayer bio membrane that helps transport water from the patch to where it’s needed. Hydration needs vary, so for practical purposes, the patch is available in 500 mL and 1000 mL versions.

Dr. Hydromente elaborates, “We like to keep things simple, so, we created a thingamajig gap junction that connects to a whatchamacallit outlet which delivers water at the required rate.”

The water patch will only be available via prescription from licensed medical professionals. Water patches come in two flavors, strawberry and vanilla. Although there are no taste buds in the skin, clinical trials have shown that the human body absorbs water better when it’s flavored. No extra calories are associated with the added flavoring.

Dr. Hydromente’s team looks to add more flavors to the hydration patch. And he elaborates on the practicality of the patch use. “Most patches are small; the 500 mL and 1000 mL volumes make this more of a plaque than a patch. Our team looks forward to reducing the patch size as use increases. But we are still calling it a patch. A patient survey showed that a skin plaque sounds 30% scarier that a skin patch!” For more news on recent medical innovations, read about the plastic surgeon who created a hot seat flip.




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