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Plastic Surgeon Creates Hot Seat Flip

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Dr. Jasper Reed, M.D., plastic surgeon at Renewed Youth Institute in Hollywood, FL has created a device that allows a person to opt out of and reverse the proverbial hot seat. Many of us have witnessed someone who is being asked difficult or embarrassing questions -- a.k.a. they're in the hot seat. Dr. Reed specializes in contouring the derriere, and he has an interesting perspective. Dr. Reed explains, "As a butt contour specialist, I am familiar with the concept of seats. With all the technology out there, it's amazing that no one -- until now -- has found a way to deactivate or ameliorate the hot seat experience! The Hot Seat Flip is a button you press that gives you the ability to put an indefinite pause on hot seat questions and allows you to flip the script. You get to put other persons in the hot seat -- ask them questions." The Mirth Manual research team discovered that Hot Seat Flip requires an agreement between the parties involved. For example, at a hospital when a physician is brought up for questions with the Medical Executive Committee, using Hot Seat Flip, that physician would get a mutually agreed chance to stop the questioning. And the physician in question could start questioning everyone else. Acceptance for Hot Seat Flip is 48% among practicing physicians and 5% among hospital administrators surveyed. Dr. Reed would not divulge how Hot Seat Flip works. However, the concept is intriguing.




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